Buses, especially Metrobuses have been using the bus stop in front of Pizza Hut Jln Genting Klang to wait for passengers. This would only be a minor problem if they just stop to fetch passengers, but it's a big problem when they wait there for more than 10 mins, which is always the case.

Imagine a two- lane congested road such as Jln Genting Klang having several buses taking up one lane for long periods. Then there would be other buses which need to stop at the outer lane to drop or pickup passengers, because the inner lanes have been hogged by unscrupulous bus drivers waiting to fill seats.

All these has caused the traffic situation to become very bad, as early as 6:30am. I have personally filed a complaint in DBKL's e-aduan website. Although DBKL has replied that action are being taken, I still see many buses idling at the bus stop for a much longer time than they should be.