Service ProviderEdit

The LRT service is provided since 1998 by RapidKL Sdn. Bhd., a 100% government-owned company.


Packed and Slow-Arriving TrainEdit

The Wangsa Maju LRT station is one of the MOST busy stations (another one will be Masjid Jamed) in the morning. The problem that has been bugging us for years is the very long queues in the morning. It is good that Rapid KL has put effort to keep people disciplined (it wasn't like that, until 2007, they have some guys monitoring the platform in the morning). The consequences of it, passengers will have to wait for up to 30 minutes to be in the train and the train will be so packed with people.

Instable Train ServiceEdit

The stability of the train service is questionable. It has gone down for a few times in the morning recently. Calling the Rapid KL hotline regarding the problem returned no resolution neither the media was interested to raise this issue in their papers. As a consequence of it, the people who they are the victims had to seek for alternatives such as bus service, taxi, etc. at the last minute, which would still cause them late to work or school as the Jalan Genting Klang would turn to be more jammed. Naturally, the problem causes panic and pressure, it also gives a great impact to the human resource efficiency.